Soccer Camp Academy

Soccer Camps is an international private society based in France. 

We create partner networks to provide opportunities for players and coaches. 

Our process is articulated around three main axes :

- Advanced training courses. These are football journeys for you players in an exceptional setting, in the company of foreign partners, and with a very attractive programme of activities. It is also an opportunity for french and foreign coaches to work together during an internship.

- Detection. On this project we work closely with partners such as clubs, private structures, and supervisors. The main objective is to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of our network to study abroad... or for a life experience, while pursuing their sporting career. 

- Training. Our third component is to involve experienced coaches on topics such as training methodology, athletic preparation, mental preparation... The central idea is to expose the existing differences between the various countries, between the federations, and thus awaken the curiosity of the participants... hoping that this contribution will serve clubs and young footballers. 

Camps and talks

Voici les stages et formations à venir

Improvement camp
from Jul 14 to Jul 23 2019
Registration closed

Stage de perfectionnement au Canada

Stage de 10 jours au Quebec, dans la ville de St Jean sur Richelieu, à 20 minutes de Montreal.
Ouvert aux joueurs U12 à U15
Improvement camp
from Aug 26 to Aug 30 2019
Registration closed

Stage de pré-saison à Nogent sur Seine

Stage multi-foot U8 à U15 à Nogent sur Seine
Un site d'exception pour préparer la nouvelle saison
Avec ou sans hébergement les jeunes stagiaires pratiqueront le football sous toutes ses formes (terrain herbe, terrain de beach, futsal)
Improvement camp
from Oct 20 to Oct 26 2019
Open for registrations

Training camp in l'Hospitalet de l'Infant (Spain)

Perfecting Course of a week beside seashore.
Open to young football players between 10 and 16 year's old

Daily Training (Spanish & french methodology)
Matchs against spanish team
Tour and match a Tarragone
Ancillary Activities
Improvement camp
from Oct 28 to Nov 1st 2019
Open for registrations

Stages clubs partenaires

Stage de perfectionnement chez nos clubs partenaires
Detection camp
from Oct 30 to Oct 31 2019
Open for registrations

Show Case USA at Melun, France

Detection course open to 14 - 17 ans 18 - 23 years olds with a licence.
The course is organized over 3 days
Presence of the prestigious American employment agency SPORTS AMBITIONS
from Nov 22 to Nov 26 2019

Séjour entraineurs - Découverte du soccer Canadien

Séjour en immersion au Celtix, club partenaire de la Soccer Camp Academy situé sur la Rive Sud de Montréal